The Dissertation module is distinctively different to the modules you have so far undertaken. It is not class-room based and neither is it taught; instead you will be conducting a piece of original research in the field of sport development and coaching. It is a double module with a value of 40 credits and accounts for one third of your final year work. 

Most universities include a final dissertation module.  It provides the opportunity for a student to demonstrate capacities for independent learning, self-organization, commitment, research capability and an extensive knowledge of in this case, sport development and coaching – all of which are highly sought characteristics by employers.

You will undertake a series of workshops, that will introduce you to the module and explain the research process. You will also be expected to work independently under the guidance of your Dissertation Supervisor. This involves making appointments for regular meetings with your Supervisor to review your progress and plan future action.  Your Supervisor will set deadlines for the submission of various elements of your dissertation, for example a completed draft of the Literature Review or the preparation of a schedule of field research.


Please note that it is your responsibility to contact your supervisor to arrange a meeting.*